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2020 Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp



 2020 Summer Payment and Cancellation Policy

 Cost: per person

  • GLAAC YOUTH $440
  • GLAAC ADULT $235

2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 1

 JUNE 21-27 - SIGN UP NOW!

2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 2


2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 3

 JULY 5-11 - SIGN UP NOW! 

2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 4

 JULY 12-18 - SIGN UP NOW!

2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 5

 JULY 19-25 - SIGN UP NOW! 

2020 Camp Big Horn at Circle X Summer Resident Camp Week 6



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On behalf of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council, it is our honor to serve and welcome you to Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. Our camp is dedicated to providing an enjoyable summer camp experience and offers an unparalleled high energy action-packed program experiences for every youth. Youth develop leadership skills and values, learn to be good citizens, and be of service to others all while having fun and enjoying our outdoor program. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our youth, leaving with smiles on their faces and as better persons. 

Mr. Charles Jezycki, our new Camp Director, brings years of experience where he served as the Camp Director of Camp Fiesta Island in San Diego and is known for offering excellent customer service while delivering safe quality programs. He and his staff know each Scout is unique and tailors the camp programs to engage and provide memorable and fun experiences. They are working hard right now to ensure this summer will be your Scout’s best summer. 

This past year the Greater Los Angeles Area Council renovated and improved the facilities at Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch. Our location in the mountains, our facilities, and our programs make us a premier camp. We improved our Advanced Camping Experience (youth 14+ or adult), providing older scouts an opportunity to test their skills in black powder shooting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. These Scouts can also hike the Pacific Coast Trail. Recognizing some scouts enjoy experiences other than hiking, we have expanded our Exploration Programs. 

Scouts can test their problem solving through games or participate in a first-class astronomy program. Listening to previous campers, we are also offering Scouts the ability to enjoy shooting sports without participating in the merit badge. We have added an arcade-style shooting range to test your rifle skills with targets spinning, swinging, and sounding off when hit.

In addition to youth programs, we also added additional Adult programs, as well as, a brand-new adult leadership lounge. This is going to be a fabulous summer camp and we have made sure there is a program to fit each of our campers. Please use the Camp Promo Guide and this website as resources to prepare for camp. Feel free to duplicate any and all materials in this guide for distribution to your leaders, Scouts, and parents. Explore our Facebook page at (insert link) regularly for exciting updates throughout the camp. 

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is accredited each year by the BSA National Camp Accreditation Program. As safety is our main concern, we comply with strict guidelines in health, safety, staffing qualifications, supervision, and programming. We prepare for emergencies and take seriously the care needed for each scout. In addition to your Summer Camp experience, take advantage of all of our council properties, and make it a part of your year-round camping program. 

Your Scouts leave Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch with valuable new skills, abilities, interests, and a huge smile. Your leaders leave Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch relaxed and thrilled they were part of a great quality program. 

Thank you for joining us this summer. WE ARE EXCITED! If you have any questions or we may be of assistance, please call us or email us. We want this to be your best summer camp ever!

New No-Cost Merit Badges

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is tired of the way that summer camps nickel and dime the Scouts with extra charges for the Shooting Sports, Horsemanship, and Craft-based Merit Badges. This year, if your Scout signs up for a Merit Badge, there will not be any extra or hidden fees.* 

New Program Area

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is always looking for ways to improve our program, and 2020 is no different. In 2020, we will be developing a new program area called “Tech Media,” where we will be adding STEM and creative Merit Badges. For instance, we will have Animation, where the Scouts will be making stop motion movies with the help of LEGOS. Also, we will have Graphic Arts, Moviemaking, and Photography Merit Badges, where Scouts will have the opportunity to expand their horizons. Additionally, Radio, Robotics, Astronomy, and Space Exploration are all STEM-based Merit Badges that will help your Scouts get closer to earning their NOVA Award. 

New Overnight Experiences 

There will be new overnight programs for 2020, including a Mountain Biking Overnight on the trail, which will be the same for the Scouts taking the Horsemanship Merit Badge this summer. The Pathfinders will also have an opportunity to go on an overnight adventure. The stars up at Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch are amazing with clear skies, so those Scouts taking the Astronomy Merit Badge will attend an overnight stargazing event while at camp. 

*For Merit Badge classes only. Free Time activates are not included.

Camp Fees, Payment Schedule, and Cancellation Policy

Please click here to view our camp fees, payment schedule and cancellation policies.

Merit Bage Overview

Merit Badges are important at Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch but keep in mind there are many other activities in the camp that are beneficial for Scouts. At camp, the staff is committed to delivering quality merit badge sessions where Scouts complete the requirements as stated. Our goal is that Scouts have fun and learn at the same time. Some of our pre-requisites are written work or items that should be completed at home before arriving at camp. 

Scoutmasters Note: Merit Badges are age-specific. Younger Scouts shouldn’t enroll in Merit Badge sessions until they are academically and physically ready to succeed in completing them. Some examples are Environmental Science, Shotgun, or the Citizenship Merit Badges.

Merit Badge Completion Reports

At the end of your camp week, we will provide your unit with a printed, individual summary report of all merit badge classes attended and the status of completion. We do not issue “Merit Badge-Blue Cards”.

Scout Preparation for Merit Badges

Learning and retention of information and the probability of successfully completing a Merit Badge is significantly improved if Scouts prepare prior to camp by obtaining the Merit Badge Pamphlet and bringing it with them to camp. We do maintain a limited library of Merit Badge Pamphlets in the Trading Post for purchase.

To see the specifics on the Merit Badges being offered in 2020 at Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch please click on the section links below:

Program Schedule & Week at a Glance

Click here to view our Program Schedule document.
Click here to view our Week at a Glance document.

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch Map

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is part of the Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation which is a 2,700-acre property owned and operated by the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. To assist you after you turn off of Hook Creek Road and enter the Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation on your way to Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch, please click here for a map to assist you in navigating your way to the greatest summer camp experience you’ve ever encountered.

Just For Leaders

Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch provides adult leader program opportunities. We now offer a variety of activities and training designed to help each leader have an enjoyable time, but also to be further equipped and prepared to build a better, more capable, more functional unit. Except for informational meetings such as orientation and round table, no activity or training is mandatory but is instead offered as an opportunity for any leader to take advantage of without a week-long obligation. Both first time and experienced leaders can participate in every activity. By the way, as an adult leader, we welcome you to visit our Leader’s Lounge located in Camp Big Horn during your stay at camp. Click here to view just a few of the adult leader offerings.

Social Media

In addition to our traditional website, Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is keeping up with the times as we are now on Facebook and Instagram! Our official hashtag for the summer will be as #camp_big_horn_glaac (if you are not sure what this means, just ask your Scouts!) and we hope you will share all the pictures you take with us! Make sure you like or follow us to always stay on top with what’s going on at camp, whether you are here or not! 

We recognize the importance of keeping our Scouts involved with what is going on at camp and not glued to their phones the whole time but, like at Jamboree, we ask that you consider allowing your more responsible Scouts (who won’t lose or damage their phones) to bring and use their phones to share their camp adventures with their friends back home.

Camp Staff

Camp Big Horn at Circle X takes pride in its Summer Camp Staff. Each year, the camp employs over 75 seasonal staffers ranging in ages from 16 to 80. Most senior staff and area directors attend regional training sessions for their position, including BSA National Camping School. Staff members also participate in multiple weekend training sessions before the start of the first summer camp session. This way, all of our staff are trained, ready, and prepared to provide an amazing experience and field any questions upon your arrival. 

If you or any of your Scouts would like to be a part of the Camp Big Horn’s staff, please fill out the online staff application. All applicants will be offered an interview for the opportunity to be part of Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch. Some Scouting experience is recommended, but not necessary. Any staff, volunteers are subject to a background check. 

If you are interested, applications are due no later than March 1st, 2020. Interviews will be conducted beginning on January 1st.

Counselor In Training

The Counselor in Training (CIT) Program is a unique experience for 14- and 15-year old Scouts to come to camp and immerse themselves in a unique leadership-based program than differs from anything they’ve embarked on before. The CIT program prepares youth to become part of Camp Staff in the near future. 

In the program, they will participate in an array of different leadership-based immersion activities including, but not limited to classroom management, functions of camp, managing your peers, crisis management, communications, working as a team member and so much more! All Counselor Trainees will also be partaking in the C.O.P.E based program at Camp, in addition to our Counselor Trainee-specific lesson plan. C.O.P.E (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is a Challenge by Choice activity which will push every Trainee to be the absolute best version of themselves that they can be while being able to rely on and work with a team. This will include high and low C.O.P.E. The Counselor Training Program will better your youth in many different ways, not just in Scouting but in life. 

This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! We hope to see you this summer and hope that you can join our family!

Please Contact Camping Support At:

Sonia Guerrero-Kagan | 213-413-4400 ext 354 |
Danette Verdugo | 213-413-4400 ext. 367 |