Commissioner's Corner

Are we having fun yet?
If so, you should be a commissioner.
If no, you should call your commissioner!



The Commissioner Corps is Scouting’s customer service group. Our role is to bring the collected wisdom, energy, experience, and love of Scouting in our group of 140+ “seasoned” volunteers who want nothing more than to help parent volunteers like you create the magic of Scouting for our kids. We’re your support structure when you’re looking for great ideas for programming and your advocate when you need service from your council.

To say a little more about me, and how I think about Scouting, the links on the right show some letters and remarks that I have delivered to our members. I hope you find them uplifting as you go about providing the magic of Scouting to the kids.

The Greater Los Angeles Area Council is a big organization, and all of our leaders and staff love Scouting and want you to succeed. Sometimes, though, we don’t get to know our members as well as we would like, just because the council’s so big. This is why we have a big group of outstanding unit commissioners: your unit commissioner is your direct link to the council’s leadership. For example, our council is organized into six districts, each with an absolutely outstanding district commissioner. She has several unit commissioners on the staff to help her reach all of our parents and leaders in the way we would like. I, then, get talk regularly with all of our district commissioners and many of our unit commissioners: I love talking scouts! 

As one of three key leaders of our council, my role is to advocate for you and your child in our corporate governance and our national organization. I, then, can keep you informed as our organization grows and adapts to Scouting in 21st century America. My payoff in this role is the wonderful relationships that I build with our scout parents that help me as a new parent understand the challenges that I face as I welcome my baby girl into an increasingly complex world.

Thanks for all you do for Scouting. Let me hear from you!

Travis J. Williams, Ph.D.
Future Scout Parent

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