Learn My.Scouting Tools Training via Video

Unit leaders in Greater Los Angeles Area Council, we are offering an opportunity for you to learn more about My.scouting tools. Knowing how to take full advantage of these tools will help you as you run your unit.  We will be offering several opportunities to learn via video conference.

These classes are intended mainly for unit Key 3 members. Other Unit leaders such as Key 3 delegates, New Member Coordinators, Unit Advancement Chairs, Unit Training/Pack Trainers will benefit from these classes as well.


Learn to use the following tools:

  • Member Manager, which will let you get an accurate roster of your unit membership, print membership cards for your unit, update contact information, and other functions like seeing who has an Eagle extension.
  • Training Manager, the tool that lets you check on YPT for your adults, as well as their training status for their registered position. You can also add training and print training certificates.
  • Organization Security Manager, where you can assign adults to gain access to these tools to help you manage your unit.

Online Registration:

Learn how to use tools provided by the BSA to bring members into your unit. This course will cover the following:

  • Settings in Organization Manager, including managing your beascout.org pin.
  • Invitation Manager, the tool that collects new leads from beascout.org and joining nights.
  • Application Manager, where you can approve the new youth and adults to join your unit.

To find out the dates and register for one or both of these classes please Click Here. Once you are registered you will get an email with how to attend on the day of your class.