Program Support Fee Announcement

Updated 10/25/2019

We all received the announcement from National BSA of the new fee structure for 2020, which impacts the rechartering going on right now. Starting January 1, the National BSA membership fee will be $60 for youth and $36 for adults. 
Click here for the official announcement.
Our goal is always to communicate to you, our brothers and sisters in Scouting, with a firm, trustworthy, and consistent voice that includes the position and implementation plan of the Council. When we announced the Council Program Support Fee of $50 for 2020, we went to the District Roundtables and had fireside chats with you to explain why this fee was being implemented, how it was being implemented, potential financial waivers where needed, etc. and our goal to provide to the Units with more programs (like popcorn, camp cards, and camp card II – a one-time program from Sept 1 to Dec 31 in which 100% of the proceeds went to the Units) that would permit the Units to generate the funds necessary to pay the fees and run the Unit’s operations.
At our fireside chats with you we listened. The #1 concern that we heard from many good Scouting leaders was about the Council Program Support Fee being applied to adult volunteers. It has been shown time and again that trained leaders provide better programs, safer programs, and that the kids in those Units enjoy Scouting more and advance more. We heard you. We are with you.
For 2020, we are going to revise the Council Program Support Fee structure. Adults will not be charged the Council Program Support Fee. We want as many trained adults in our programs working with their kids. Our Council Program Support Fee for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts will be reduced to $36. What this revision means is that we need everyone to get on board and support the Council in every way they can. Support our unit revenue generating programs (Popcorn and Camp Cards) and attend in-Council camps.
We will need everyone’s help to work together and with your help, we will overcome. Thank you for your continued leadership and service to the youth of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council.
Yours in Scouting,

Tim Greenleaf
Chairman of the Board
& Council President

Travis Williams
Council Commissioner

Jeff Sulzbach
Scout Executive/CEO