Rechartering Information

2021 Recharter

Here is what your Council is doing to make this year’s changes easier to manage, and ultimately simplify the recharter process and the amount of paperwork involved.

  • We are making information more timely and targeted to the people who need it. We start that process by asking you to tell us who your unit Recharter Processor is, so we know to whom to send the internet recharter access code.  Please do this now. Click here.
  • We are providing instructions tailored to your program level which lay out a clear, concise process so you know exactly what’s needed and when. This will be distributed to the Recharter Processor you designate in the form above in a few weeks and will be available on this page at that time.
  • This online form has replaced the multiple pages that used to collect unit contact and meeting information.  This survey will help your District volunteers support your unit throughout the year. Please collaborate with the other members of the Key 3 so you know who will answer this survey. When you are ready, please click the link above and fill the survey out prior to starting your online recharter.

We live in interesting times and Scouting is changing quickly to adapt. If you need help, please contact your unit or district commissioner. All recharter information will be posted on this page. Best wishes to all for a successful charter renewal season!

Recharter Dashboard

Keep track of where your unit is in the rechartering process by clicking the link for your District. You can click on the Recharter Dashboard link to go to the main dashboard.

Kickoff Email to Unit Key 3 Members

Click here to see read the first email, sent to Unit Key 3 Members, was sent on August 11, 2020. 

Recharter Step 1

Tell us your charter processor and unit leader changes for 2021. Click here

Recharter Step 2

- Talk to your Unit leadership to identify the volunteers who will serve as points of contact for advancement, outdoor activities/camping, New Member Coordinator/membership, training, and finance.

- Work with your Chartered Organization Representative to coordinate a meeting between unit leadership and the Institution Head/Executive Officer of your Chartering Organization and review the Annual Charter Agreement.

- Once you’ve done those things, Please collaborate with your unit Key 3 to determine who will fill out the online form that replaced the multiple pages formerly used to collect unit contact and meeting information. 

2021 Recharter Guidebooks

Click below to view the Recharter Guidebook specific to your unit's program.

2021 Recharter Fees

Youth Fees

Fee Returning Scouts New Scouts
National Fee $49.50 $49.50
Council Insurance Fee $22.50 $22.50
Council Program Support Fee $27.00 $27.00
New Scout Fee $0 $25.00
Total $99.00 $124.00
Boys Life (Optional) $9.00 $9.00
Total w/ Boys Life $108.00 $133.00


Adult Fees

Fee All Adults
National Fee $31.50
Council Insurance Fee $22.50
Total $54.00
Boys Life (Optional) $9.00
Total w/ Boys Life $63.00

At the 2020 National Annual Meeting, a pricing change was announced for all National fees. This change will go into effect on August 1, 2020. The Greater Los Angeles Area Council Board of Directors has set the insurance fee to increase to $30 at the same time as the National fee increase to help offset the insurance cost to the Council.

While supplies last, new members will receive 5 free camp cards, a $25 value, to offset this national charge.

Journey to Excellence (JTE) Resources

Please download and fill out the appropriate JTE scorecard below. You can also use the other helpful resources to assist your unit in participating in JTE. 

*Please take note, the JTE Scorecards have changed as of 6/9/2020.

New-Unit Application

Fill out this form for a new unit to charter. The form must have the Executive Officer of the unit include his/her personal information on the form and is the only person that can sign the form.

New-Unit Application Form

Criminal Background Authorization Form

If you have not turned in this form, please download a copy, sign it and email it to the council registrar Estela Chicas at

CBC Authorization Form