Cabrillo Beach Youth Center & Activities

Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center is a one of a kind youth and aquatic center.  Our goals are to provide unique aquatics and camping experiences for the youth of Southern California and, in turn, give youth self-confidence by exposing them to water safety, rescue methods, care and use of equipment, and physical fitness.

Cabrillo has classroom-based programs that provide an action-learning process with grade-specific lesson plans for grades K-12, plus a complete supplement for special-needs students.  It helps youth meet the challenge of growing up by teaching character and good decision-making skills and then linking those skills to the real world.  

The Cabrillo curriculum has three basic components: school-based learning, connecting activities, and work-based learning. Combined, these components provide a structure through which youth learn the value of respect and responsibility while discovering a world of career opportunities.  


2017 Programs and Events

2017 Cabrillo Events List
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 May 13  Lion and Tiger Day - Print Flyer Sign up now!
 June 4 & 11

 June Merit Badge Classes - Print Flyer

  • Cit. in the Nation
  • Programming
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Swimming
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 July 6-9  Cabrillo Cub Resident Camp Session 1- No Siblings - Print Flyer Sign up now
 July 11-14  Cabrillo Boy Scout Day Camp Session 1 -   Print Flyer Sign up now
 July 27-30  Cabrillo Cub Resident Camp Session 2 - No Siblings - Print Flyer Sign up now
 Aug. 1-4  Cabrillo Boy Scout Day Camp Session 2  -  Print Flyer Sign up now