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Need help or have questions about Internet Advancement, Internet Rechartering, or Youth Protection Training?  Please contact the National Office at (972) 580-2489 or send an email to

Position Name Telephone
Accounts Payable Ana Chan (213) 413-4400 x307 Email
Cabrillo Program Director Pam Sanders Craft (310) 831-1984 Email
Camp Cherry Valley Ranger Brenton Nielson Email
Camp Cherry Valley Site Manager Mark Serratt Email
Camping Assistant Danette Verdugo (213) 413-4400 x367 Email
Camping Assistant Sonia Guerrero Kagan (213) 413-4400 x354 Email
Controller Beth Drake (213) 413-4400 x304 Email
Development Director Diana Bates (213) 413-4400 x312 Email
Director of Development Victor Zuniga (213) 413-4400 x310 Email
Director of Strategic Initiatives Kelli Nakayama (213) 361-9466 Email
Director of Support Services Charlie Wilson (213) 413-4400 x342 Email
El Camino Real District Director Melissa Bueno (213) 413-4400 x351 Email
El Camino Real District Director Rita Lara (213) 413-4400 x321 Email
Executive Assistant Michele Laite (213) 413-4400 x302 Email
Exploring Director Gina Chan (213) 413-4400 x341 Email
Field Director Lucia Bernal (213) 413-4400 x352 Email
Field Director Hannibol Sullivan (213) 413-4400 x336 Email
Firestone Scout Reservation Ranger Eric Brower Email
FOS Clerk Annette Haslam (213) 413-4400 x356 Email
Front Desk Operator Marijayne Stegman (213) 413-4400 x370 Email
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation Camp Ranger Frank Sketo Email
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation Outdoor Director Logan Bashford (909) 375-3151
IT Analyst Kevin Burton (323) 633-9500 Email
Metropolitan Senior District Executive Trinita Peterson (213) 413-4400 x332 Email
Office Manager / HR Specialist Gracie Trevino-Peralta (213) 413-4400 x345 Email
Pacifica Senior District Executive Charles Pickering (213) 413-4400 x324 Email
Pio Pico District Executive Charlie Sheen (213) 413-4400 x323 Email
Pio Pico Senior District Executive Evelyn Payan (213) 413-4400 x333 Email
Printing & Maintenance Carlos Ocegueda (213) 413-4400 x361 Email
Program Specialist Heather Endo (213) 413-4400 x344 Email
Registrar Lynn Matsuzaki (213) 413-4400 x347 Email
Registrar / Secretary Estela Chicas (213) 413-4400 x346 Email
Rose Bowl Senior District Executive Cicily Gardea (213) 413-4400 x340 Email
San Gabriel Valley District Director Imelda Duenas (213) 413-4400 x355 Email
San Gabriel Valley District Executive April Zall (213) 413-4400 x358 Email
Trask Camp Ranger Anthony Villalobos Email