Order of the Arrow

Tuku'ut Lodge

Ben Deveau, Tuku’ut Lodge Chief – den.deveau12@gmail.com

Aaron Jung, Tuku’ut Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions – aaronscout622@gmail.com

Brian Wilder Tuku’ut Lodge Lodgemaster Admin) brian.t.wilder@mac.com


Up Coming Events/Dues:

2017 Tuku'ut Lodge Dues - Pay Online Here

2nd Annual Tuku'ut Lodge Banquet and LLD

2017 Caravan Flyer      2017 Caravan Guide





*Ta Tanka Lodge & Siwinis Lodge Merge Update*

On March 16, 2016, the respective Lodge Executive Committees of Ta Tanka Lodge and Siwinis Lodge voted on the name and totem of the to-be merged lodge of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council.

  • Name: Tuku'ut Lodge
  • Totem: Saber-Toothed Cat
  • Day 1 of the merged lodge was Saturday, August 27, 2016


Order of the Arrow is divided up by District into Chapters, which handle local support. Chapter support includes Unit Elections, camp promotion, and manpower for the different District events. The Lodge as a whole provides leadership support for Ordeal Service Weekends, OA Fellowships, and Council wide events.

The Order of the Arrow as an organization is unique in that its members are not selected by its members, but are elected by Scouts within a troop or varsity team to become a member.  Our mission and purpose is to be an integral part of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council's program and provide leadership experience to our Scouts.


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