Pacifica District Committee Contact Us Page:

Position Name Telephone
Cub Day Camp Director Allen Allen Semerdjian Email
Eagle Book Coordinator Alison Arakawa Email
Eagle Project Approval Coordinator Winston Cortenbach Email
Eagle Advisor Chair Winston Cortenbach Email
District Popcorn Chair &Award of Merit Chair Lisa Cowell Email
Merit Badge Coordinator Alison Crompton Email
Spring Camporee Coordinator Don Filer Email
Cub Day Camp Coordinator Matt Gallon Email
Volunteer Haksu Han Email
OA Chapter Advisor Bob Hodgkiss Email
District Commissioner Nancy Hodgkiss Email
District Camping Chair Aaron Johnson (310) 753-8012
Pacifica Training Chair Casey Jones Email
Merit Badge Dean Kris Kitchen Email
Finance Chair Randy Klinenberg Email
Webelos Woods Coordinator Boyd Latamore Email
District Committee Member Jay Lee Email
Pinewood Derby Coordinator & Cub Advancement Chair Mike Lipsey Email
District Advancement Chair Jim Matsushita Email
District Commissioner Chris Michelsen (804) 695-4844 Email
Council Training Chairman Pat Moss (310) 526-3787 Email
District Activities Chair Tony Myers Email
District Dinner Coordinator Sheryl Ruskin Email
District Chairman Tim Shank Email
Pacifica District Executive Charlie Sheen (213) 718-5632 Email
Roundtable Commissioner Jeffrey Sorbello Email
Camporee Coordinator / Round Table Commissioner Sheila Stewart Email
District Membership Chair Jeff Stieglitz (Acting) Email
Field Director Hannibol Sullivan (213) 718-6266 Email
Scout Executive / CEO Jeff Sulzbach (213) 718-3383 Email
District Camping Co-chair Paul Tetreault Email
District Committee Member Laura Thatcher Email
Council Commissioner Travis J. Williams Ph.D. Email
Director of Development Victor Zuniga (213) 718-4848 Email