Pacifica Roundtable

ROUNDTABLES WILL CONTINUE TO BE IN A VIRTUAL FORMAT. We will be using Blue Jeans app to conduct the meeting. A recording of the May 2020 Roundtable will be available shortly. The next Pacifica District Roundtable will be Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 7:30pm.

Recorded Sessions


Roundtable Matters

Each month, bundles of new information and updates are handed out at the monthly District Roundtable. In an effort to conserve paper only 25-30 printed copies are produced. However, an online scan of each month is available below. New Roundtable Matters will be uploaded sometime during the week of Roundtable.

aRTie's mailbox "Fun with a Porpoise"

Scouters can "Ask Artie" questions that are on their minds by posting a note at Roundtable, asking your Unit Commissioner, or emailing District Commissioner Nancy Hodgkiss at