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The Greater Los Angeles Area Council, Boy Scouts of America needs your support! Through the generosity of the community and donations of resources and time, the Boy Scouts of America is still the leading character education program available to young men and women in the country. Thank you to our volunteers, donors, and the community for your continued support!

Support comes in all shapes and sizes — from volunteering your time to participating in one of our special events, to corporate and individual contributions, tributes and memorials. Every hour, penny and dollar invested in the Boy Scouts is an investment in our children’s future. By making a gift, you are helping build tomorrow’s leaders today.
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We have thousands of volunteers who donate their time and energy to make sure our Scouts receive the best program and support available. We are committed to offering extraordinary opportunities at our 7 premier outdoor facilities. Like many things in life, a successful program needs resources of both money and volunteers to ensure that we are operating at our best.

The Greater Los Angeles Area Council has many exciting opportunities for you to help support the Boy Scouts financially. The dollars raised go to directly support the youth we serve in our programs. We are committed to raising funds to ensure that the Scouting program in our council can continue to grow and that we offer every Scout the quality program they deserve regardless of individual circumstances. Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, said, "Our aim is to give equal chances to all and to give the most help to the least fortunate."